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The Philippines finally make it to the world cup

Wow. Six months since my last post. Whatever happened, I have to quit that.

I guess I got tired rooting for other countries in this year’s world cup and looking out for the team jerseys in the shops. Even if the Philippines is virtually non-existent in football, I thought it would be cool to have a classy team jersey.

Here’s what I think the Philippine Football Team ought to throw on their backs in our first ever world cup participation… in the distant future. I doubt in my lifetime. Well, I blame it on our dogged and futile obsession with basketball.

And I didn’t know that was our motto. I got it from our FIFA page. Yes, those two stars embroidered over the heart are two world cup championships already.¬†Yeah, shoot the moon.

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Building a new logo type

This is what my canvas looks like whenever I’m starting a new logo typeface. Vector paths and shapes are cut and pieced together. Letters begin to form at the bottom.

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Video narrative exercise

For all my talk about the dream, I haven’t really finished a single piece of video or animation work. This is my amateur attempt. You have to take any small step as long as it’s in the direction you want.

Ok, the video isn’t that good. Subject matter also perhaps not too interesting (well, it tasted darn good). But the clips are pretty OK for a mobile phone video. More than the quality of the video though, is the exercise in storytelling using whatever clips are on hand.

Video shot with iPhone 3GS. Put together in iMovie ‘09. Video adjusted with stabilization and levels. A minor After Effects job was necessary to place the vertical video at the right of the screen in the last/credits clip.

What I learned shooting with mobile video, and editing:

  1. Have a narrative sequence (I had to make one up in editing)
  2. Establishing shots are important
  3. Shoot as many clips, angles, and composition styles of the location and subject
  4. Use a tripod for basic shots, one of those Gorilla tripods may work
  5. Get good exposure and omit those parts where it is adjusting
  6. Don’t think you can use the audio in the final film
  7. In editing, snip the clip in half, then snip again in half (6 seconds is long)
  8. The eye should not have to shift too far from one clip’s focus area to another’s
  9. The audio track should match the narrative pace and enhance the cuts
  10. Always have a place for, as Pacquiao would say, “It’s a funny!”
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